Brand Messaging

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Our mission

We deliver trusted, compassionate care in the comfort of home.

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Our values

Courage to advocate for our patients and each other

Innovation to trailblaze a new path for healthcare

Integrity to create a respectful and inclusive environment

Compassion to provide quality, safe and empathetic care
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Our vision

Building the nation’s largest in-home healthcare system


Home is where your health is®


Bringing the power of the hospital to the comfort of home™


DispatchHealth® brings personalized medical care to the comfort of your home, making healthcare more convenient, affordable and enjoyable for you and your loved ones.


Bringing the power of the hospital to the comfort of home™

DispatchHealth provides comprehensive and trusted medical care in the comfort of home to people with serious health concerns—with services that include same-day, urgent medical care; hospital alternative care; and recovery care. Our emergency medicine and hospitalist medicine trained care teams are equipped with all the tools necessary—including imaging and IV infusions—to treat common to complex injuries and illnesses in the home. DispatchHealth is partnered with most major insurance companies and works closely with primary care and specialty care providers, EMS, health systems, senior living facilities, and employers to deliver in-home care that reduces unnecessary emergency room visits, hospital stays and readmissions. Since the company’s inception in 2013, our expert medical teams have treated more than one million people in their homes across more than 30 states in the country—resulting in 58% emergency room avoidance, 8.5% 30-day hospital readmission, 98% patient satisfaction, and nearly $1.5 billion in medical cost savings. For more information, visit

Positioning Statement

For people seeking high-quality, affordable, and prompt medical care, DispatchHealth is the healthcare provider they can trust to treat serious medical problems in the comfort and convenience of home. DispatchHealth has built a better way to deliver healthcare, pairing trained medical experts with advanced technology to bring the expertise and capabilities of the hospital into your home.

How it works

For urgent medical care at home, you or your doctor can book an appointment online in just a few clicks or by phone:

1. Book an Appointment 
We’re available 365 days per year from 8:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. in most areas. When you schedule your appointment, we’ll ask about your symptoms and give you a time frame for our arrival (typically the same day).

2. Enjoy Expert Medical Care at Home  
We arrive at your home with everything needed to treat your illness or injury. Your care team will include a physician assistant or nurse practitioner and/or a medical technician, remotely supported by an emergency medicine physician if needed.

3. Rest and Recover 
We make care easy, so you can focus on what’s most important, feeling your best. Following your appointment, we’ll call in any prescriptions you need, update your doctor, and handle billing with your insurance company. 

Our in-home visits are covered by most major insurance plans, including Medicare Advantage, and the out-of-pocket cost to you is typically the same as an urgent care visit. 

For hospital alternative care at home, you can experience a convenient and comfortable treatment alternative to a hospital stay. You must be recommended by your doctor or DispatchHealth urgent medical care team.

For recovery care at home, you can receive a follow-up care visit typically within three days of leaving the emergency room, hospital or skilled nursing facility. Your discharge team or doctor must recommend you for recovery care at home treatment.


Getting urgent medical care at home with DispatchHealth is the same cost as an urgent care center visit and a fraction of an ER visit. The percentage of the total bill you’re responsible for is determined by your insurance plan. If you have a high deductible plan, you may need to meet your deductible before your insurance will cover the cost.

If imaging, outside laboratory, and/or prescriptions are needed after your visit, these services will be billed separately.

DispatchHealth accepts most major insurance plans in the areas we serve, including Medicare Advantage and Managed Medicaid.
Messaging dos and don’ts


  • The DispatchHealth tagline and descriptor can only be used exactly as written with appropriate R or TM marks and never used as a sentence or within a paragraph. When listed above a paragraph such as our boilerplate, they must be offset from the text in a different color or bolded.
  • DispatchHealth should be title-capitalized and one word as written; it should never be abbreviated or shortened. Use our full name. Do not use DH or Dispatch.
  • DispatchHealth is a legally protected trademark. As such, a ® is required following a piece’s first use of the DispatchHealth name.
  • If a piece is two-sided or multiple pages, best practice is to include the ® mark with the first use of DispatchHealth, on each side.
  • DispatchExpress should always be one word and title capitalized as written.
  • Use “book an appointment” or “schedule an appointment” or “get care now” instead of “request a visit” or “request care” when giving patients instructions on using DispatchHealth
  • Use “healthcare professional” instead of “provider” in materials that may be seen by non-medical service caregivers such as case managers, care managers, and staff.
  • Only use “same-day care” when speaking about our urgent medical care at home (Acute Care) or imaging services
  • The following words or abbreviations should always appear as written: healthcare professional (HCP), DispatchHealth Medical Technician (DHMT), net promoter score (NPS), caregiver
  • The following words should be hyphenated when used as an adjective: same-day, next-day, on-demand, and in-home. (e.g. same-day, in-home care)
  • Include our disclaimer on materials: DispatchHealth should not be used in a life-threatening emergency and does not replace a primary care provider. For life-threatening and time-sensitive injuries and illnesses, call 911 or go to the nearest emergency room. DispatchHealth complies with applicable Federal civil rights laws and does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, age, disability, or sex. ©2023 DispatchHealth Management, LLC. All Rights Reserved.


  • DispatchHealth should not be abbreviated or shortened. Do not use DH or Dispatch.

  • Do not use urgent care, mobile urgent care, or in-home urgent care because it can undermine the complexity of our care and has regulatory implications in some states; urgent medical care is OK to use. The only exception is that urgent care can be used for online search terms and paid ads due to the nature of how consumers search for care.

  • Do not use “emergency room replacement” or “ER at home” or “hospital at home” or “hospitalization in home” or “hospital care at home” or “SNF at home”; it is ok to use the word “alternative” when referring to our care services as an ER-alternative, hospital-alternative, or SNF-alternative.

  • Do not focus on the negatives of ER or hospital experience because it can disparage our partner relationships

  • Do not use “refer a patient” or “patient referral” in any materials or communications to healthcare professionals.

  • Do not specify the exact care team members who come into the home because it varies by market, by partner, by service, and by acuity.

  • Do not use “board certified” when referring to our providers (even though they are) in a broad platform like the website because certain states like Texas require the exact board name to be used which limits our ability to use the term generically

  • Do not refer to DispatchHealth as offering care within an hour time window (e.g. 2 or 4 hours)

  • Do not use ED when referencing the Emergency Room to consumers; instead, ER should be used.

Internal Messaging Resource Document

DispatchHealth employees can access a more in-depth brand messaging one-pager here (this is a gated link).