Brand fonts

Typefaces with accessibility and aging vision is top-of-mind for us. We are experts and thought leaders. Our written words are to be as trusted as they are read, and the aesthetic of the type should convey that.

Primary typefaces

Our primary font set consists of 2 – We have chosen “Bree”, a slab-serif font, as our primary headline font to support a friendly and approachable tone with its uplifting curves and symmetric spacing. “Me” supports our smaller headings and body copy and is chosen for its level of accessibility for all levels of vision. Every letter of Me was tested for its appeal and readability with a range of learning disability and vision impaired groups.

Bree is available as a free google font. Me requires a license for usage and is currently limited to marketing product team. Please reach out to DispatchHealth Creative Director, Nicole Askari, for questions about availability.

Fallback typefaces

In those instances when our primary typefaces are unavailable or in the need for a web safe font, substitute Georgia for Bree and substitute OpenSans or Helvetica for Me. Be sure to use the same weights.

OpenSans is available as a free google font. Georgia and Helvetica are standard web safe fonts and are available on all systems.

Type scale

This type scale shows, at a glance, which pixel sizes can be used in our designs. For more detailed specifications, scroll to Type hierarchy.

Type Scale

Type hierarchy

To accommodate a variety of use cases, we created a robust set of headings and subheadings for use in digital and print. We have two display headings, six semantic headings (H1-H6), and several additional subheadings.

Type hierarchy

Body copy

Body copy needs to be versatile, so we created five different styles. Maximum paragraph widths are set for optimum legibility (see Line Lengths below).

Body copy

line length legend

Line lengths

The number of characters in a line of text affects its readability. Studies have shown that the optimum line length is 45-75 characters for larger screens and 35-40 characters for mobile screens. Our preferred line lengths are at the upper limit of these optimal ranges (75 and 40 characters, respectively). You may deviate slightly, but avoid going into the red zones.
line length example